3 Things- Hobbit Edition

by - Sunday, December 16, 2012

from www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8ymgFyzbDo

1. Martin Freeman as Bilbo- no matter what you think about the film (can I hear self-indulgent and too long? felt like the extended edition? Should have embraced the smallness of the book? too many last second saves? It really did grow on me, but I still have my beef, clearly), you have to admit his performance in it is nearly perfect.
2. Using Elijah Wood- man, the hard part of this movie is how much it makes you miss the old ones, and that sequence makes me miss it so much! Didn't the dwarves make you miss Gimli too? Damn those movies were fun.
3. The opening shot of Gollum's cave- it was so perfect at the beginning that I actually could see my Dad reading the book to me as a kid. The rest of the scene was a big step away, but the beginning was so spot on that I gasped.

Bonus- Dining rooms that double as libraries- ok, not totally related, but I am in love with this idea and will be doing it as soon as I live in a home with a dining room.

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