3 Things- Cupertino Hobee's, Thrown Out Cake, and Gun Control Discussion

by - Monday, December 17, 2012

1. Cupertino Hobee's- If you are going to go get some coffee cake and breakfast food, check out this one. It is definitely the prettiest Hobee's, and it has the most bored and overzealous servers in the world. Just enough to make you feel really uncomfortable.
2. Throwing Cake Away- that's the difference between us now, and us one year ago. If by next year we can do it before feeling absolutely horrible, we will have really accomplished something!
3. That it is looking like Congress might actually do somthing about gun violence- also, have genuinely appreciated the mostly respectful debates in the past 24 hours. I get revved up every time I read more about the victims, which is freaking soul-crushing.

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