3 Things- Collaboration, Headphone Dancing, and Orange Juice

by - Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1. Collaboration- is there anything in the world that isn't a little bit better if you split the work? Ok, when pressed I can think of a few, but in general, I like learning from somebody else. Sadly, I am now working on like the most monastic of all exploits, so this dynamic is mostly just a memory for me (as was clear today when I sort of desperately spilled my guts to a spectacularly patient friend today unnecessarily. This is why grad students are the worst).
2. People dancing to the music on their headphones- who doesn't love when a song is just so fucking good that you can't help yourself but move a little. It's a weird pleasure to see somebody else having one of those moments (or just being free enough to have that moment all the time).
3. Orange Juice- Had fresh squeezed amazingness today at lunch at a vegetarian place painted cool soothing colors, where the staff wore saris and there was a large soothing fountain. It was very zen (or cultish or something) and I really liked it. Plus, I got fresh squeezed OJ which never gets old.

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