3 Things- Christmas, SNL's Silent Night, and Hugs

by - Wednesday, December 19, 2012

from www.flickr.com/photos/godsfingerprints/6561861331/
1. That we are going home tomorrow!- I am pumped about this. Yay Christmas and home times and all that good stuff!
2. The SNL Silent Night opener- watched it today and had a good cry. Have stopped reading Newtown news as the people really want the reporters to leave them alone and there won't be much new substantial information for a while. But this was such a profound tribute to have a groupof children singing in that way. Quiet in a good way.
3. People who Hug You when They Meet You- I am not sure I am even courageous (or just friendly) enough to do this regularly, but I like the hutzpah and pure good naturedness that comes with a person just going for it.

Also, and I may have mentioned this before, that I have my camera back and it is super wonderful.

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