2012- How'd We Do

by - Saturday, December 29, 2012

1.  Keep learning to be healthier- to me this year, this means making exercise more of a priority, as well as continuing to work on the things we are eating.
~ We did pretty well at this! I have cut pop from my life (hopefully permanently) and embraced the tasteless wonder known as water. We were doing well with food and exercise, right up to the point where we came home and went on an extreme holiday diet. All in all though, we figured out the healthy eating, moderation, etc. business, so I am pretty pleased with it, even if I am still hoping we can do better next year.

2. Rework old papers- Now I have all of these old projects that I want to return to, to give attention to, and to hopefully make a lot better.
~ Eh, this got done, but it is actually more on line now that I am using an old project as a big chunk of my dissertation. Old stuff is coming back more and more.

3. Get involved in a charity, and in generally being a better citizen of where I live- it is well-established that I am not too crazy about where I live, but it is time to stop complaining and have a more positive impact in that place.
~ This one is maybe a baby steps situation. We are getting better in some ways, have been involved in more church/ charity events, but I think a dissertating moment is pretty monastic, so it is hard to have a positive effect on the world in which I  live when in a good day I speak to nearly no one.

4. Have a good conversation with a stranger that intimidates me- it's time to buck up and stop letting myself be so intimidated by like everyone I meet in a professional context.
~ Again, better but I'm not sure I have defeated this one just yet. I am getting better at small talking, and I am definitely better at talking up old aquaintances, but I think I still could use a little more backbone when it comes to communicating with people I perceive as important.

5. Really be moving on my Dissertation- in a lot of ways, this is the most important thing I can do for myself and my life at this moment.
~ Yes, we have reached the big fail! Let's not dwell, shall we?

 6. Have our wedding be a good thing that happens, but not the only thing that happens- Obviously, I am excited about getting married and so forth, but I think life this year will be a sad thing if it becomes the only happy thing that is really happening, so that it overtakes my energy, money, and time in every way.
~ We definitely did this. (And I should have made "have an awesome wedding" a goal, because we really pulled it off) This wasn't our biggest travel year, but it was the year that some challenges made us way more aware of how big all the little blessings we have are. I loved our wedding, but I loved some of our little adventures too. And I really loved our holidays this year, which have genuinely been great.

 7. Eat a meal in Napa- we live so close to fussy food land, and it is time we try the grub.
~ We did it, and it was expensive, fussy, and freaking delicious, so all in all, pretty much what you would expect.

8. Figure out that whole life balance thing- This one comes with a lot of pressure, because 2012 will be the first year of my life since I was a toddler that school and classes doesn't naturally structure my time.
~I think the failure of 5 is partially due to this one (kudos to year ago me for understanding what the goals were though, even if I didn't quite get there). I think I got a little too good at having a life beyond grad school, and next year will be about restructuring my time to include less life and more study. Balance not yet reached, but I am willing to guess this is the cupcake tattoo of life goals/ wisdom. You can keep saying you want to get there, but I am pretty sure there is no perfect life balance.

9. Throw someone else a really good party-
~ I don't know that I did this, but I was an active and helpful guest at lots of other people's weddings and showers and such! I helped with at least 3 showers, so that isn't too bad. This is definitely one to work on, but it is hard to host when most of the people you care about live at least one airplane ride away. Could do better on this, but I did enjoy what I did do.

10. Get that cupcake tattoo! Seriously, this is getting ridiculous now.
~ Hahaha, still no cupcake on my body. May finally be time to just let this one go.If I ever have life balance, I will celebrate with a cupcake tattoo.

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