12 Things (ok, now 15)- Christmas Edition

by - Thursday, December 27, 2012

 1. Shelly being home for Moffitt cookie night, cookie night in general, and the awesomeness which is all of my cousins- It's weird that the holiday enthusiasm on the side of the family seems to have migrated to a day that started out just Shelly and I making cookies with Nana on Doe Day. It has turned into this monster event that only gets weirder and more fun every year. I genuinely love it. It is genuinely one of my favorite things all year long. And this year was extra sweet because Shell was there to do it with us, to enjoy the silliness that inevitably ensues. I loved it, and I wish I could always see her as much as I have this year.

Also, let me pause briefly to say that my Nana is an angel. Not just for tolerating a house full of crazy kids, but for loving us all and never making a big deal about who belongs to who biologically. For throwing funeral lunches just because it is the right thing to do. For laughing hysterically as we make a giant mess of her kitchen. I am so thankful for her.

2. Binmore animals- The heart of every Greene Christmas tree are little unidentifiable animals covered in sequins that my Grammy Binmore made. Also, my dad makes the best picture faces. And then he complains that I make him look silly!

3. The Mexican Whorehouse lights- They really commit. Now, no one thinks anything of it. 5 months from now, people will be wondering what is up with us.

4. Skype and Battleship- My favorite part of every Christmas Eve is playing battleship with my brother. It is much nicer when we can do that in person, but thank goodness for a world in which we can still play from across the country. Every annoying thing about technology is balanced out in one night. Plus, this year Pag and the Boy participated, which made it different in a surprisingly fun way. Yay holiday traditions that technology helps keep alive!

5. Crimson Gala- One of the best Christmas gifts this year. Kudos to Amanda for noticing just how inappropriate the name was, even before we read the card which is about giving gifts to her girlfriends. Only my Dad would buy his son in law a whole herd of my little ponies.

6. My new Zenfolio subscription- If I am ever going to sell a photograph, it will be this year. More on this later, but I am excited for a new creative enterprise.

7. My Dad's posing it out- Like I said, not my fault! Why would he pose this way when I was just taking a picture of him being Santa?!?!?

8. Scrapel- Awesome breakfast fare, and it makes the house smell really really good.

8. The wedding craft that won't die- This colored tissue paper will last us for the rest of our lives. Everything else has been parceled out and used for one thing or another, but it seriously seems like we haven't even made a dent in the tissue paper yet. I will be wrapping my spawn's graduation gifts in this business. At least I will get really good at wrapping with tissue paper.

9. My new stocking-My mother in law made us all these stockings, and I got to see mine for the first time on Christmas morning. It is not only ridiculously elaborate, but I am a cupcake princess! Super cute and definitely special. She keeps joking she will sell these online, so if she gets to that I will be pimping her etsy on here, for sure.

10. Jedis on Christmas- Petey rocked it. This wasn't our first choice for Christmas gift for him, but I think it worked out pretty well. He seemed happy to hit people with his lightsaber.

12. Camera batteries that work (and unveilling family calendars)- this is the last picture my camera took of this trip before the battery died (and apparently the charger is the only charger in the world we didn't bring back with us). Also, did I mention that I fell on the in-laws porch and broke it again? This has been a rough month for my poor camera. Hopefully, it won't be too expensive to fix or I can keep using it with a big crack in the screen.

13. Board game nights- so fun, but they go so late!!! Am going to be so tired today, but at least we are having lots of fun at home.
14.Snow days for vacation- Pennsylvania looks like a winter wonderland, and to be totally honest I was happy to have a half day to just nest after Christmas craziness. And seriously, so beautiful around here. Seriously the worst time to not be able to use my camera when it is this pretty out.
15. New socks- Just the best. Warm and cozy and the ones you get for holidays always seem to have that sticky stuff on the bottom. And I got ones with eeyore on them. Yay for socks in cold houses.

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