10 of my Favorite Things from 2012

by - Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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1. McKayla Maroney- I know most people came out of the Olympics excited about Gabby Douglas, and she is great, but McKayla Maroney's vault during the team finals was the single most breathtaking moment from the whole of the Olympics. I dare you to watch that thing and not get chills, even now. Plus, she seems the funniest of all of them and got her own meme. It's been a good year for her, for sure
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2. Pinterest Holiday Pins-Good lord, with wedding stuff, Pinterest pretty well took over my life, but I don't love anything more than their useful and sometimes embarassingly dorky holiday stuff that floats around. It has forced my holiday fever into overdrive.
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3. Liam Nieson and Ethan Hawke on Watch What Happens Live-It was completely insane to watch them act out the Real Housewives of New Jersey,
4.Raspberry popsicles-
5. Help from family members- We had such a fun wedding, but the prep time before hand was just great because of all the help we got from our parents, siblings, family, and friends. It truly made all the difference, and our wedding genuinely felt like a labor of love (in the least cheesy way possible... well, maybe a little bit cheesy). I'm really proud of how it turned out, but I like how we got there too. Generally, I really enjoyed putting the wedding on, and I was extremely touched by the help we got.
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6. Eleanor Antin's Book Reading- Probably my most inspiring art history moment in a year where I ate a lot of disappointment in my career. It was truly badass and hilarious and meaningful. I loved it.

 7. Red polka Dot Shoes-I spent an inordinate amount of time in shoe stores looking for the perfect red polka dot shoes. But polka dot shoes just make me smile. They are the best.

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8. Lady performances- The English Patient, The Queen of Versailles, Heavenly Creatures, I have seen a lot of so so movies with pretty great females in them this year. 
9. The Pregos-3 of my closest friends were pregnant this year, and it is has been fun to see them go through it and exciting to meet their babies (one is coming any day now!). Plus, now I know all about dilation and breast feeding, and a lot of other things that should help me put off baby-making for a while.

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10. Goldendoodles-You had to see this one coming. Goldendoodles will always be one of my favorite things. I mean, they are just so cute!

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