Things I am Thankful For (3 Things I Love Extended Addition)

by - Thursday, November 22, 2012

Usually we make lists at my Nana's, but we didn't this year, so here are some of the things I am thankful for this year.  I mean, technically, I write what I am thankful for everyday, so let's just consider this the long version.

1. The Boy's endless search for a pet name. Today was chicken boob. He says it was chicken boo, so I will also be thankful to anyone who can figure out how either are a compliment.

2. The many people who came, traveled, helped, and loved on us through all of our wedding business.
3. Curly gray hair and the crazy powers of chemotherapy. So proud of my aunt and so glad we live in a world and time where she has the tools to fight the fight.
4. Skype, Airplanes, and Facebook
5. Dance based exercise videos and video games
6. A Safety Net- Since I am currently experiencing probably my biggest set back ever.

6. Officially becoming a part of my In-laws family.
7. My Mom's laugh.
8. Tissue Paper Flowers
9. Colored-in Unicorns, the Pickle Cup, and Canadian Cranium
10. The Stanford Theater and Farmer's Market
11. My Dentist and my gynocologist
12. Wobby, Danky, and Duck Duck Goo

13. Big Foot Cookies
14. Crab Legs- Especially on Christmas Eve
15. Catan.
16. The leg lamp
17. Boots and scarves
18. Watching my best friends at varying stages of becoming and being mommies
19. That I deal with significantly less poop (or bodily function in general) in my life than they do
20. The Love Nest Spiral Staircase
21. Klondike Bars, Cake, Cookies, Pie, Crescent Rolls- I spent way a lot of this year avoiding these things, but I have to say, they are worth it. Not as a constant thing. But they are delicious enough to be worth it.

22. The Shell Shop
23. Jimmy Buffet
24. Suspenders and Bow Ties
25. Mai Tai's- really, that there are alcoholic drinks out there that taste like juice.

26. Petey's poses- best photographic subject ever. That kid works it.
27. My brother's phone calls.

28. Legos and manchildren
29. Liberty Street
30. Water.
31. Food-related television reality shows
32. Red Lobster trips with my Nana and Poppop
33. Flowers with Julie.
34. Visitors- I am grateful for people who actually come to visit us x 10000000
35. Diggery Doos
36. A car that is still holding it together and keeping it real.
37. Cinnamon brown sugar pancakes.
38. Redwood Trees
39. Yoko Ono's Twitter Feed.
40. Craig Owens.
41. Pretty Stamps

42. Teal Wigs and Uncle Clark.
43.  A Hooker, an Amish Girl, and a Tomboy
44. Answered Prayers
45. The hot chocolate at Giants Stadium
46. Jon Olson, Collaborative learning, and one of the best things I ever did for myself- becoming a tutor.
47. A partner who is a great cook.
48. The Bieber Beast
49. A Partner who isn't afraid to look silly, wear mouse ears, and dance in a way that literally destroys everyone else on te dance floor.
50. How Quiet it is at Joshua Tree

51. Our new Lamp- really an awesome wedding gift. Still obsessed with it.
52. Jellyfish Succulents
53. Tinsel Cat, Francis, and Jemima

54. The Walk to End Alzheimers flowers
55. My Mom's Visits
56. Crack Pot Hojo
57. That I can still read my Dad's article every Thursday
58. Skinny Cow Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bars
59. Kiwis
60. Franklin Black Knight Band's Dancing
61. My cousin Harrison's Song of the Day
62. That Obama was re-elected
63. That we saw Al Gore
64. Soft Focus and wide angles
65. Really good Peruvian food
66. The time suck that is pinterest.
67. Goldendoodles- Not that I have one yet, but just that they exist.
68. Barbled.
69. Being an Oldest child
70. Holiday themed socks.
71. Looking silly because we are silly (and we are having fun).

72. The Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden.
73. Having made friends at every chapter who I still truly love and get to see (especially grateful for a bad room mate situation that turned into one good friend.
74. Changing directions.
75. High school baseball games.
76. Picture Walls.
77. Human Rights Campaign
78. Etsy Stores
79. All my cousins, who are basically my favorite people that ever lived.
80. 4 healthy, hilarious, and talkative grandparents.
81. My WISSH group.
82. All Wedding blogs.
83. Apple Pies
84. Direct Flights
85. A Partner who can fix all my computer dramas and makes awesome food
86. Having very encouraging parents (and parents-in-law)
87. Having a good sense of who I am. Getting older.
88. When people comment on pictures, rather than just liking them.
89. That someday, I will no longer have to take a supershuttle.
90. That saying crazy things about rape will not get you elected in this country. That you can't just imagine white rich men are voting and still win an election.
91. The great teachers I have had, every step of the way.
92. Pam's status messages about her kids.
93. That something weird is happening with irony. Hipsterism is pushing it back out of style.
94. Polka dots
95. Blankets
96. My planner
97. The Book of Hours
98. Photo bombs (don't tell the boy)
99. Crescent Rolls
100. Simple holidays

Also, Birds.

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