Ethical Shopping Mission- More Awesomes and Randoms

by - Friday, November 30, 2012

Alright, I have gotten a lot of my shopping done, but I wanted to share some more of the cool things I have found while poking around for my Christmas shopping. I will probably do a lot of what's left when we get back to Franklin (put our money back into that economy) but I wanted to share. Plus, I haven't talked enough about the millions of wonders of Etsy. Because, etsy is the best website in the world, and Christmas is a damn good reason to shop there. Ok, let's get to it!

Schoolhouse Electric and Supply has to be one of the coolest stores I have found so far online. Based and produced out of Portland, the company focuses on lighting fixtures, but they have all sorts of home accessories with a really fresh, pseudo-mod aesthetic. I love pretty much every home thing they have on their website.  Their furniture is awesome, but not in any budget I have ever heard of, but check out the kitchen accessories and bedding and other such business. Even their Christmas decorations are cute! Check them out here:

Scout Books are so freaking cute- I like the idea of designing your own, but that is a pretty serious investment. The already made ones  are also adorable, and would be a great gift for anyone who is in school (from what I can tell, Moleskine's are not very forthcoming about where their products are made). I think they are cool, and I will just have to live in wait for the opportunity to buy ones I actually can design for someone. This is their website-

Self Edge has a little bit of cute clothes for guys, but what I really liked was the accessories and jewelry they had for sale. Check it here:

You can tell I was shopping for the Boy, because he is pretty much the only man I could buy clothes for. But, if you are shopping for a guy, there really are tons of options for Made in America Clothes at different prices (but similar aesthetics- man, men's clothing is boring!). Rogue Territory is a little more expensive, but they have nice stuff if you are looking for something that will last and didn't cause anyone to die in a factory fire. Here:
I was looking for luggage made in the US, and I found out a lot of information about where luggage is usually made (think China) but you can get bags from American Traveler tahat are still made in the US, but you have to check the description. Not all of them are. You can also buy luggage from LL Bean or Duluth Pack (the bag above is theirs- which is all ethical and made in the US. I ended up kind of straddling the line, but that is ok! If you can't do perfect, you should still keep trying. Luggage and electronics are tough, but you can do it!

Ok, now for some Etsy Heaven.

AM Radio is based out of grand rapids, and they make the coolest Christmas ornaments ever. You really have to be super cool to pull these bad boys off, but I LOVE them. This is their shop:

Heart and Craft prints are simultaneously very sweet and very clean. Not quite my style, but a print like this heart would make a great gift. You can find the store here:

Doesn't this print look like something you would find in a craftsman house? It reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright for whatever reason. Definitely lovely (and appropriate today because it is his birthday!) Find it at Miller Line Design-

We almost got these lockets for our moms for our wedding, but went for the wands instead (it felt more fun). These look like the thing you put your most precious picture in the world into. They just scream preciousness, but in a good way, like a stained glass window. They also look old without looking ooollllddddd. Still might get one for my Mom for Christmas. Get them here:

Ok last one! Apparently it is already too late for Christmas on this site, but holy crap everything on it is adorable. I was looking for stockings for our apartment, but until this blog blows up and makes me oodles of money, these are probably out of my league. And its a tough sell to buy such expensive balls to get drooled on. But I will just put it up here, so if you are fancypants, you have something cool to spend your money on.

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