Ethical Holiday Shopping Mission- Clothes and Other Stuff You Wear

by - Monday, November 12, 2012

Ok, so I am super serious about the whole buying all US-made Christmas gifts this year, so from here until I am tired of it, I am going to throw good suggestions up as I find them! PLEASE comment with your own sources so people can help each other out and maybe this thing will catch on. Once you start poking around, you realize there are a TON of sources to skim through, so I would definitely appreciate help.

If you get into this particular aspect of American business, I highly recommend the Haute Americana blog ( It is awesome both because it introduces you to tons of companies you hadn't heard of before, but also for those of us who are fashionably challenged, it puts together outfits where each item is linked to its seller. Extremely cool and inspiring if you have the afternoon to poke around.

If you google made in the USA you can find sites like ALL USA Clothing, which seems pretty cool, but the clothes I found weren't really the kind of thing I would buy anyone, but if you have older people on your shopping list or people who love t-shirts with eagles on them (and come on, doing that ironically is really over), these are perfectly legit places to shop, and they clearly are committed to American manufacturing. Beyond that, it is difficult to tell what their politics are.

First, I love Modcloth. I always love modcloth, but I love it even more because they have a filter where you can look only at the products made in the US. The clothes may be too much quirk for some people, but the accessories are some of my go to presents every year. It's a good place to start if you want to get someone something cool they can wear. Check it out here:

 Shabby Apple- This store carries great, very clean retro style clothes.  They also do awesome maternity clothes if you want to be a friend for a prego. I especially love their collection of skirts, which are all ridiculously cute and I want them all (the photograph is their High Tea skirt, which you can buy here: Another place for great accessories too. I think they have especially pretty earrings. Everything on the site is made in the US. They are also a badass feminists, and 5% of all of their proceeds, all year round go to charities that help women worldwide. That's the kind of company I want to put my money into! also has a Made in the US filter on their site. I can't speak to them, and have never shopped from them, but it seems like a more reasonable/ affordable choice if you want to buy something a little more substantial. Check it here-,/other,/7/store.html

XcessRize Etsy store- I bought my camera bag from them three years ago, take it with me everywhere, and it has really held up well. They also sell great purses and things I think sould work as Mommy bags-


LL Bean seems to do the majority of its manufacturing in Maine, but their report on that is a bit cloudy, so if they don't say it specifically, I might call and ask about what you specifically want to buy. But LlBean stuff is always pretty, and I really like some of the furniture and house stuff they make.

You can also see on Land's End that they are manufacturing in the US and actively seeking out products which are made in the US (those chairs are cute). I actually think their stuff is mostly much cuter than LL Bean,  but they certainly aren't going to break you out of the fashion mold. They are great for basics for people of any age, and if you poke around, you may surprised by what you find. At the very least they are body-concious.

 Social Laundry seems a lot like Threadless, with special designed t-shirts, except everything is made in America and a chunk of their proceeds go to (non-partisan) charities like helping kids with autism and the families of veterans. Not a huge selection, but I definitely see a few things I might get for this Christmas.  Check it out here:

If you are looking to buy things for the fellows, check out Alex Maine, which mostly sells pants and hoodies for dudes. They claim the pants are really comfortable, and I can't speak to that but it looks legit and the clothes are cute. Check it here:

Ok, if you are an incredibly rich person who is also ethical, try out Nanette Lepore, who sells freaking expensive but freaking cute dresses and accessories. I am really loving all of the dresses, but they are for fancier people than graduate students. I will never be able to afford gifts like these, but if you are more glamorous than me, this might be the place for you-

 Some More suggestions from a Continuous Lean (may look into these more later- if you are feeling inspired, feel free to send me your thoughts!). I am sure I will be all over this list in the next few weeks, but if you want to poke around too, the site is-

Anderson-Little — Tamarac, Flordia — navy blazers
American Apparel — Los Angeles, California — knits, wovens, clothing
Band of Outsiders — Los Angeles, California — clothing, accessories*
Berle Manufacturing — Charleston, South Carolina trousers
Beyond Clothing — Seattle, Washington — outdoors clothing
Bill’s Khakis — Reading, Pennsylvania — khaki pants, clothing
Birdwell Beach Britches Santa Ana, California — swimwear
Brooks Brothers — New York, New York — tailored clothing, sportswear, footwear, accessories*
Bemidji Woolen Mills — Bemidji, Minnesota — clothing, blankets
Camber — Norristown, Pennsylvania — tee shirts, sweatshirts
Carhartt — Dearborn, Michigan — workwear, outerwear*
CC Filson — Seattle, Washington — outwear, bags, accessories*
CEGO — New York, New York — custom shirts
Commonwealth Proper — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — shirts
Centralia Knitting Mills — Centralia, Washington — outerwear
Cockpit — New York, New York — outerwear*
Crescent Down Works — Seattle, Washington — outerwear
Ebbets Field Flannels — Seattle, Washington — jackets, jerseys, accessories
Engineered Garments — New York, New York — clothing, bags, accessories
Epaulet — Brooklyn, New York — shirts, ties
Freeman’s Sporting Club — New York, New York — tailored clothing, sportswear, accessories
Grown & Sewn — New York, New York — khaki pants, jackets, accessories
Gitman Brothers — Ashland, Pennsylvania — woven shirts
Hamilton Shirts — Houston, Texas — custom shirts
Hart Schaffner Marx — Chicago, Illinois — tailored clothing
Hertling Trousers — Brooklyn, New York — pants
Hickey —Rochester, New York — tailored clothing, sportswear*
Hickey Freeman — Rochester, New York — tailored clothing*
Homage — Columbus, Ohio — tee shirts, sweatshirts, accessories
Individualized — Perth Amboy, New Jersey — woven shirts
J. Press — New Haven, Connecticut — tailored clothing, sportswear, accessories*
Langlitz Leathers — Portland, Oregon — motorcycle jackets
Loden Dager — New York, New York — tailored clothing, sportswear
Mercer & Sons — Yarmouth, Maine — custom shirts
New England Shirt Company — Fall River, Massachusetts — shirts
Oxxford Clothing — Chicago, Illinois — tailored clothing
Pendleton Woolen Mills — Portland, Oregon — sportswear, blankets*
Pointer Brand — Bristol, Tennessee — clothing, denim, workwear
Post Overalls — New York, NY — clothing
Ramblers Way — Kennebunk, Maine — wool clothing
Rag & Bone — New York, New York — clothing, accessories*
Rogue Territory — Los Angeles, California — clothing, accessories
Round House — Shawnee, Oklahoma — denim, workwear
Self Edge — San Francisco, California — clothing
Southwick — Haverhill, Massachusetts — tailored clothing
Schott NYC — New York, New York — outerwear
Spiewak — New York, New York — outerwear*
Stan Ray — Houston, Texas — workwear
Sterlingwear — Boston, Massachusetts — outerwear
Steven Alan — New York, New York — sportswear, accessories*
Stormy Kromer — Ironwood, Michigan — hats, clothing, outerwear
Taylor Stitch — San Francisco, California — shirts
Thom Browne — New York, New York — tailored clothing, sportswear
Vanson Leathers — Fall River, Massachusetts — leather jackets
Western Mountaineering — San Jose, California — down jackets, sleeping bags
Woolrich Woolen Mills Collection — Woolrich, Pennsylvania — clothing, accessories
Wrath Arcane — Cleveland, Ohio — sportswear

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