6 Things I Loved Today and Yesterday- More Thanksgiving and Eating

by - Saturday, November 24, 2012

1. Turkey veggies, Mickey butter, and Pie displays- going to another family's thanksgiving was kind of a trip, and I definitely felt like a crasher, but it was fun and sweet to watch another set of siblings interact and to see the Boy's Aunt Debbie's traditions. It was cool and quirky, and that woman can make a pie crust, and you just can't fight with that. Here's to taking a break from routine to appreciate what you have and to see people in a new light. All good stuff, but I am not sure I can fully support a Thanksgiving with no crescent rolls! Craziness!

2. That Christmas Vacation is not one of our Christmas traditions- But I am sad that sweater contests have never been in our lives before now. That was way more fun than Randy Quaid (the actor, not the goldfish).  I found my sweater twin!

3. Small Business Saturday! We shopped around downtown Murfreesboro today to support some local businesses! Plus I got some awesome stuff for gifts to kick off my shopping.
5. The Readyville Mill- Elizabeth and I had some great pancakes (but Micah and I got stiffed on our sausage and bacon! What a bummer!), but nothing else compared to the pure glory which was the pumpkin spice pancakes. They were completely amazing. They were so good, and the owners walked around the place teaching us about Southern lingo like table dancing and being on the down low. Micah thought maybe they came up with their schpiel in the 90's, before the down low got the connotation it has now.
6. Poopsgiving- never in my life has bodily function taking such a huge role in a family holiday. God bless babies and dogs and having neither.

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