6 Things I Love Today (and Yesterday)- Long mornings, Suffragists, Like Crazy shower, and my Commitment to Sleep

by - Saturday, November 17, 2012

1. The Boy's rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" in which the lyrics are mostly about Anne Hathaway- neither of us know much of anything about Les Mis, but man those people are committed to emoting.

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2. The Wedding in Wreck it Ralph- This is pretty much the only part of the movie I found genuinely funny (though the whole thing was perfectly pleasant and amiable). All in all, the movie felt like people came up with a really awesome idea, came up with a very sweet (if not mostly recycled) story, and then left someone far less capable to write the dialogue. But the wedding was hilarious both times. Genuinely super super funny.
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3. The weird straight lift of the Mad Hatter into Wreck it Ralph- So weird. I don't get it, but it was completely distracting in a kind of interesting way as the movie went on.
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4. This. A little late, but you have to love those suffragists.
5. The final scene of Like Crazy- The movie was a mixed bag, and you spend a lot of it wondering why the two people can't get over themselves, but the last scene is lovely in its willingness to say you don't get relationship do-overs and that you can't remake decisions once you know the outcome. It is sad and hopeful at once in a nice, silent, pretty honest way.
6. That I keep falling asleep in the early evening like an old woman- the Boy chalks it up to "light depression" but at the very least, I always feel rested in the morning. I think it may just be that I like being in bed better than anywhere else, and sleeping is a valid excuse to hang out there. As I type this, I realize it does sound like slight depression. Ha! Too funny. Anyway, it makes me feel that much more like an old woman.

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