6 Things I Love over the Past 2 Days

by - Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ok, vacation is over, so things should start being a little more regular after today. In fact, I am hoping for minimal excitement between now and Christmas so I can have a whole draft finished before I go. But here are some highlights from the past few days, just because.

1. Being with my Mom, Aunt, and Cousin- this= happiness. Wish it happened more often.
2. My cousin Shelly's chocolate cake- that girl has got it going on in the baking department, because the birthday cake she made for her mom was dark, moist, and had the best frosting ever. If you had to rank the women in my family on domestic divatude, Shell would be on top. Seriously, it was good stuff.
3. American Airlines- we have had incredibly good luck on our flights so far, so it is hard not to be loving them right now. Granted, my love for airlines is anything but unconditional, and I am sure a year from now I will have cursed them again, but for today I am all about it.
4. Yarn ball wreaths- I smell a new project coming on.
5.Falling immediately asleep when we got home so I didn't finish this!
6. Getting off a super shuttle. Man, I may hate supershuttles more than anything in the world. If only they didn't give me such good reason to!

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