3 Things I Loved Yesterday- O'Hare's Christmas Decorations, the Beginning of our Thanksgiving Chain, and Embracing Jet Lag

by - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1. The decorations in O'Hare- the birds were so pretty and such a cool idea. Traveling during the holidays can be a huge pain, but it is neat to see how the different airports decorate their spaces. Also, O'Hare is freaking huge.

2. Our Thanksgiving Chain- We finally started it yesterday. It is so cute now, because it is so small (perfect size for "Hat"), but I hope someday with kids and grandkids and visitors and such that it is so long it goes through multiple rooms of our house. I love starting traditions like these, and as long as the Mayan Calendar is wrong, it will so cool to see how much it grows. 
3. Jet lag- Ok, not the best feeling in the world, but there is something to being tired enough that you just spend the night laying around on the couch catching up on the tv you missed. I did do my zumba though, because man we ate a lot over our trip!

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