3 Things I Love Today- Plane Naps, Planners, and Handing in Papers

by - Sunday, November 04, 2012

Alright, I will probably write a big long one once I get my computer back (hoping for tomorrow) but I may as well keep at things now that we are here and I have nothing better to do but stress about impending dissertation proposal doom. So these are all ones from our trip back to CA. Actual today stuff. Because the weekend one is mostly just how cute Petey and Wobby are, and for that you need visual aids.

1. Sleeping on airplanes- It makes the whole day go much faster. I highly recommend this strategy. I also like reading the Harry Potter books, because they take about the same amount of mental focus as my magazines, and they are free.
2. My Planner- How do people live without a day planner? I feel sad for them.
3. That the proposal is turned in again- you know that feeling when you turn in a paper and you feel relieved, because it is out of your hands? I really really miss that feeling. It doesn't happen anymore, and I think handing over the paper just heightens my anxiety. But I am sure it is in a character-building way. Blerg.

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