3 Things I Love Today- mini carriages, dance numbers, and Stuffing!

by - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

from wildwestwagons.com
1. Miniature Carriages built for miniature horses. Yes, this exists. And yes, we found it because I was trying to show the Boy what a "Surrey with the Fringe on Top is" and yes, that surrey. And yes, most importantly, we were watching Oklahoma youtube videos tonight. Because seeing the second half of Chicago on tv just wasn't enough. Starting to suspect my husband has the soul of a very sassy toddler.  I say this mostly based on his Richard Gere inspired dance moves. It's been a strange day, but it was all worth it to find this picture.
2. The season 7 opener for the Office- episodes are on when we fall asleep. The late seasons get a bad rep, sometimes for good reason, but you have to love the ensemble, which still has great moments the whole way through.
3.  That I get to see my Mom in 2 days! Looking forward to the holiday. And the stuffing.

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