3 Things I Love Today-- Jon Stewart=Loverboy, Cookie Runs, and ModCloth filters!

by - Monday, November 12, 2012

1. Jon Stewart as a romantic lead- perhaps I just love short men who are super smart and funny, but I enjoy that he had a short stint as an actor before the Daily Show (namely in Playing by Heart and Wishful Thinking) and he gets to play perfect boyfriend types. Because he is cute and incredibly awkward in them, which pretty much works. Truly, the only good thing about the movie Wishful Thinking, which is otherwise stupid. But he is right up there with the Silver Fox to me, so I will take it.
2. Cookie Runs with the Boy- Some days, you just need to be with a man who decides on his own it is time for a chocolate chip cookie. I will happily step out of our nesting for that reason.
3. That Modcloth has a made in the USA filter for their shop- If you are looking, like me, for good options for Christmas this year. The goal is to do all of my Christmas shopping in stores, sites, and companies that make their product in the US. Because if we are worried about jobs in America, we should all support companies that are keeping jobs here (and you can then feel confident that the labor behind it is ethical too). Ok, so if you want to get your Christmas dress or a gift for a friend made in the USA, here is a good place to start:


I am going to compile more links, I think, in the next week. I found a couple of awesome toy sites online. I feel like this is such an easy way to shift your shopping paradigm to help the country, so I am going to try it for this Christmas and see what happens (it shouldn't be that much of a hassle, since I am already an Etsy addict, but I am pumped to see what else is out there).

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