3 Thing I Love Today- Stuffing, Van Eyck's Madonna, Reality TV losers, Windows Phones, and Christmas Vests

by - Sunday, November 18, 2012

1. That in a few days, I will get stuffing! I may anticipate stuffing more than gifts on Christmas. Definitely NOT more than chocolate on Easter though. But, I found myself just thinking about stuffing more than once today. I will never fall out of love with carbs.

from www.wikipaintings.org
2. Today's Inspiration- Thankful that things like those from the Northern Renaissance exist. It blows your mind if you keep thinking about what they could do. Obsessed with the microscopic detail.
3. That if I tell the Boy I like a character on reality television competitions, they are definitely getting kicked off that episode- I am such a sucker for the loser edit. Gets me every time.
4. Bonus: The family calendar on the new fancypants phone has a notes function where you can make to do lists and actually check them off when they are done. The definition of happiness includes finished to do lists. Windows phones are winning me over way too easily.
5. My Tacky Christmas vest- we shopped all over, 3 Goodwills, one Salval, and a mall before we finally found it. Is there a name for when you are exasperated with hipster irony and come out the other side?

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