19 Things I Love this Week (and Last too!)

by - Saturday, November 10, 2012

According to the Boy, my computer will be back on Monday. I certainly hope so, because blogging is no fun without pictures. 

1. That every single Republican who spoke about rape on the campaign trail lost- Take that Team Rape! Please, all politicians ever, notice that being misogynistic is not an effective campaign strategy when half of the voting public is female. You people were the freaking worst. Don't turn back to misogyny just because homophobia is going out of style. Leave our bodies alone, because it was getting ridiculous.
2. Michelle Obama- She is the bomb. Very proud to have such a smart and well-spoken first lady.
3.  Christmas party dresses- does anyone actually go to Christmas parties that are fancy enough to warrant a sparkly dress? I know that I am missing out, because there are so many cute dresses out there! It seems like the only time of year where sparkles are actually appropriate.
4. How many people are helping with hurricane Sandy- obviously, we are far away, so it is more difficult to understand just how much there is to do, but it seems to me like every time I get on facebook someone is buying supplies to donate. They need a ton of help, but I truly believe that it is people's willingness to help each other that brings out the best in our country.
5. How much single women and minorities effected the election- these are people who should not be rendered invisible.
6. Morimoto's- we had our first ever fancypants Napa dinner this week, and it was really good! I got a lobster thing covered in Indian spices, and it was pretty much awesome. Even better was the s'more dessert. Super freaking awesome!
7. All the new lady senators! It was a great year for women in the election. Special kudos to New Hampshire. It's cool to see the state where my Great Grandma Greene worked in State government becoming the most female-led state in history.
8. Having a heater that works- We got it fixed last spring, and now that things have cooled down a whole lot, I am pretty happy we don't have to fight the cold as much as we have every other year. Sometimes, it's the little things.
9. Candy corn- I wish I could stop eating it, but my Grammy sent us a care package and I have been all over it lately. So deliciously bland and weird and clearly I shouldn't love it like I do, yet it is on this list.
10. Al Gore behind brick walls- When we went out on election night, the bar we were at was next to Current tv. We could see current on one of the bar tvs, and joked that Al Gore was sitting on the other side of the brick wall we were parked against. When we left the bar, we looked in the window, and lo and behold, there was Al Gore! Against a brick wall! It was  pretty exciting and it was the first celebrity the Boy saw in person.
11. Straight shot Supershuttle rides- This happens nearly never, but it makes me so happy I would like to cry. When we got picked up to go home, we were even the only ones on the shuttle. Because traveling red eye on a tuesday in the middle of a natural disaster really simplifies travel. But fewer places are open, so it is a tradeoff.
12. Pretty much anything our niece and nephew do- they are the cutest!
13. Wordament- So far, the best use I have found for the Surface. I think the game is really fun (and great for killing time in airports)
14. Franklin High School Black Knight Marching Band-No, they have given up marching, but they still make a lot of sound and their dance moves are undeniable. I couldn't feel my body (and for the first time ever, my knees hurt from the cold), but it was worth it to watch them play. The whole band was great, but the best part was 1/2 of the piccolo section.
15. Leonardo's Stromboli- Especially when I get to split it with my dad. Leonardo's is the best food in the world, and it tastes and feels like home, so it even gets better than that.
16. NOT the California DMV- I hate them. Changing my name is the biggest hassle to do something I didn't want to do in the first place. So obnoxious.
17. 11 hour naps- Last night I accidentally fell asleep at like 9 pm and slept til 8 this morning. Now I feel like a zombie, but it was worth it.
18. Meeting Parker Bickel- This is an old one too, and maybe I even mentioned it before
19. Some Like it Hot- The latest effort in the watching the AFI top 100 list, and it didn't disapoint. I have to say I still like Marilyn better in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but she wears the most naked dress I have ever seen on a person in this one, so you have to give her props for that. Plus, I will never be able to watch Cary Grant the same way again.

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