Wedding Wednesday- Vendor Love- JPC Event Group

by - Monday, October 08, 2012

Ok, I have been putting off writing this thing, because JPC Event Group did so much for our wedding that it is harder to get my arms around. I found JPC by just poking around online for a caterer. When I started to talk to them, it became clear they were originally known for their cakes (they were originally Jody's Pantry) and had expanded first into catering and now into event planning, rentals, and decorating. We knew that these things would take up the majority of our budget, since Anchor Village was so cheap, but needed a lot to really elevate it into something cool. 

Our first meeting with them was directly after picking up the Boy from the airport after a red eye flight. We met with Rick, who pretty much played the main role for the whole wedding, and you could really tell he knew what he was doing and that he genuinely enjoyed it. We thought the meeting would be quick, but it went over almost an hour because the MIL and Rick just hit it off. They were bffs in no time. 

Pretty much every meeting there on worked in this way.  I would say that they were genuinely pleasant and easy to deal with. They were organized and had a lot of good (and sometimes very honest) advice about  how to do things. They even met us at Anchor Village in July to get a better sense of the space and what we wanted to do with it. They let us have a cake tasting with my grandparents even though the decision was seemingly pretty well made. Because they were in general very prepared (though I would caution against Allison, who is a lot less on top of things and mostly seemed annoyed with our presence, but she may have left? Allison's status was a bit of a mystery by the end), on the week leading in we really didn't have to worry about them. 

The day before the wedding they showed up to finish their end of the decorations and to put up all the rental chairs and linens. Everything looked beautiful by the next morning when my dad showed up to do finishing touches. The linens really took things to the next level, and they had all their parts of the work finished up way ahead of time.

They worked with Garnish event Design to take care of our flowers. They really went over the top for the amount of money we paid for them. They blew us away- I even cried they were so gorgeous! At our meetings with the caterers, I just brought pictures of flowers that I liked,  They sent me a list of the potential blooms, I sent them some feedback and they worked really hard to get us some ranunculus and garden roses.

Here you can compare the picture I kept given them (with the instruction for more red) and what I actually got- not bad I think! I will add that there were tons of flowers everywhere, and even though I said please shrink our bouquets to save money, mine was freaking heavy! 

They also made our cake, which I think was a big hit, though I also heard from people they never got any! Oops! Anyway, I originally wanted a buttercream cake with different colored tiers, but this is where reality really set in. The buttercream sets you up for melting-related chaos and colored fondant will change your guests' lip color. This would be funny to me, but I went with everyone else's wisdom. The cake was sweet and ended up being like the only understated thing at the wedding, but it still had my polka dots so I thought it was pretty fun. And it tasted delicious- both flavors, and that is what really matters. 

Finally, they were amazing about the food- they made it on site on grills (Rick was out there in his shorts sweating away just like he said he would be) so it made the whole place smell a little more like a picnic. We received a lot of compliments on the food, and what we nibbled on we really enjoyed ( I ESPECIALLY loved the tomato salads). People loved it and there weren't too many leftovers, except for steak, but we had a lot of non-meat eaters at the wedding.

If you are planning a wedding anywhere in Western PA, I would highly recommend JPC Events for any of these aspects- rentals, cake, event planning, or catering. If you are planning from a distance like us, I would highly recommend them for all of it. It is a crazy endeavor if you don't try to streamline things, and by being able to just have 1 meeting for all of these aspects (not to mention 1 bill to pay), we really cut down on stress. They simplified things tremendously for us, and our wedding would have been very different without their help. Plus, by the end of it, they didn't just know us, they knew all of our parents (and some of our grandparents!) They are fantastic at what they do and are really the best in the area. Yay JPC!

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