This Week's Pinterest Attempt- The Sad Little Rainbow Pumpkin

by - Sunday, October 28, 2012

So, I wanted to try making one of these crayon rainbow things I keep seeing on Pinterest, so I found a tutorial on the Swell Life blog (here- We went and got pumpkins today, but are going home in 2 days (if Frankenstorm allows) So we wanted something that wouldn't rot as much as a carved pumpkin.

This is what we ended up with:

 Not nearly as glamorous (and I still lack that blogger polish on my pictures), so here are some mistakes you can maybe learn from.

I should start by saying I did not follow her directions in a number of ways- first, she said it was imperative that you glue your crayons to the pumpkin- We have 7 types of glue in this house, and none of them seemed to work, so we tried holding them in place with an oven mit on while the other person used the blow dryer. I would recommend just getting some serious craft glue, because we made a mess.

Also, be sure to  have a space you don't mind getting messy. Those crayons splatter everywhere. If you do make a mess, just use the hair dryer to warm the crayon wax back up and just wipe it off.

 MOST IMPORTANTLY- Start with your lightest colors- start at yellow and move out in either direction. When you pick your pumpkin, try to pick one that doesn't dip in too much at the stem. Our center kept filling up with wax, and then it would spill off in every direction and it makes your colors look muddy. We started with purple, but it ended up bleeding everywhere (as did green) and everything looks a little messed up.

 Use another pumpkin to pick up your crayon splatter. It looks so cute and polka-dotted when you are done!

 So, I was pretty annoyed when we did it, because all the spill over was a real bummer, but I think that is what we get for not gluing everything down first and for having a pretty big pool around the stem. It was pretty fun and doesn't take any particularly profound creative muscles. Really the only place for creativity is deciding what order to put your colors in. So its pretty everyone-friendly, as long as you aren't afraid of making a mess!

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