Halloween Costume Ideas for Lazy Brunettes

by - Thursday, October 25, 2012

So I have been debating whether I want to put any effort into a Halloween costume this year. We will be home, and hopefully tagging along with our niece and nephew's trick or treating. If I do anything, it will probably be super simple, because it's not the kind of place where the grown ups really dress up too. Here are some of the ideas I came up with when trying to remain in a respectably low level of effort. Meaning they are all looks a brunette can pull off with a trip to goodwill and the creative use of what I already own.

from indulgy.com/post/dwhT8wZ2X1/family-halloween-costumes
Princess Leia- Definite bonus points for this woman and her ridiculously adorable child. If you didn't want to go so cliche, you could do the Milk Maid braid and the winterwear from The Empire Strikes Back. That would probably be easier/ less to buy than the metal bikini or the all white habit and sticky buns look. Just don't be Amidala. You'd be embarrassing yourself. 

from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Poppins_(film)
Mary Poppins- I think you might have to find the red bow tie and make yourself a cutesy shabby hat, but otherwise everyone has a white button up, a long skirt, and a blazer. I think filling the carpet bag up would be the best part. Also, now as I am writing this, I can't help but think that dressing up as a chimney sweep might be the bomb. 

from www.pinterest.com/alitadepollo88/halloween/
Velma- So when I started thinking I wanted to dress up, but not make too significant of an effort, Velma seemed like a no brainer. Other than the knee socks, I pretty much own this whole outfit. Because truth be told, she and I both rock old librarian chic in warm colors. I basically am Velma, but with fewer ghosts. 

from pinterest.com
Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom- Interesting that I am drawn to characters who wear knee socks. If you wanted to go hipster, but weren't so hipster that Wes Anderson is too feel goody and sincere. You would just need the light pink dress with a collar, and everything else pretty much works itself out. Plus, adults dressed like children is pretty cute. 

from www.carmensandiego.com/hmh/site/carmen/
Carmen Sandiego- This one may be the winner since I already have a red coat and Carmen Sandiego is so awesome. All black, black gloves, a red trench, and a red hat. Major bonus points if you can play rockapella as you walk around. Truly, I love this idea, and I still might do it.

from oliveoylloves.com/
Olive Oyl- face it people, Olive Oyl is the Ginger Rogers of Cartoons- she is completely is style. I found her shirt, literally the exact same thing, on  Modcloth this week. I own everything else in this audience. With the haircut, I can't get it all back in a bun, but I think this one is a slam dunk. Especially if you are long and lean and enjoy men who eat spinach.

from villains.wikia.com/wiki/Dolores_Umbridge
Umbridge- Ok, this one does not fit the laziness bill, because I am positive no one has this outfit in their closet. And you could buy one at Goodwill, but man that shiz looks itchy. But I love the pure evil in all pink. I think it would be a really fun costume to get in to if you have the time and don't mind investing in pink mary janes. 

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