9 Things I Loved This Weekend in LA with TP and Bry

by - Sunday, October 14, 2012

 1. The absolute stangeness of the Howard Johnson on New Hampshire in Los Angeles- they are currently renovating this particular HoJo (oh yes, they call themselves that) so half of it looks like a really nice run of the mill hotel. The other half looks like a crack den for the teenage mutant ninja turtles. We got to stay on the fun/ slightly frightening side. Our shower didn't have a curtain. Our room had 2 of the same very original paintings in it (by Giorgio).  It was truly hilarious to find all the sweet 90's details.

2. Sweet in Hollywood- when my brother told me about his job at a candy store, I was imagining a slightly ritzier candy store, but this thing is epically huge and cool. I liked all the super weird decor, but I think the coolest thing, which I forgot to take a picture of, was the part where you could build your own candy bar, picking the fillings and stuff- like a coldstone for candy bars (also, if anyone ever tries the hot cheetos filling, please tell me how it is). They also make their own hard candies that are genuinely beautiful (that is what those little kiwi's are). All the boyfriends in LA should go try that for valentine's day or something. They also make their own hard candy, which I tries and It really is a neat place to just walk around. The store is truly awesome, and it isn't even finished yet, so it will only get better!

 3. The creepy Willy Wonka they paid to walk around the store- ok, this is a bit of a lie. He made us genuinely uncomfortable, and I think he was bored because he came up to us a lot. This is him cornering my brother. It's pretty much the only note the store hits I wasn't so crazy about. But it was hilarious watching people awkwardly small talk with him.

4. TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. The Burger King across the street from Medieval Times- I appreciate when things can get in the spirit of silliness, and this Burger King was all over it. Adorable. We shopped in the afternoon, had lunch, and kind of had a leisurely drive to Anaheim on Saturday. left to my own devices, the day would have been fuller, but it was probably good to have a chiller day.

 6. Falcons- So I was really excited to go to Medieval Times- I went to one on an elementary school field trip, and I remember being pretty impressed. Little did I know the sophistication of the whole thing, though "his royal majesty's falcon" display was more than a little sad, watching the actual falconing was pretty amazing.

7. Hanging out with my brother!- He's the Best, even if he had trouble keeping his crown on his head. We were in the yellow section, even though I tried to rally everyone into red, because red always wins. For the record, yellow was out second, and red one.

8. My husband- In this case, his absolute commitment to getting himself a flower by pointing ferociously at me every time a knight passed with a carnation. No one ruins his good time, and he has no problems looking silly. This is in my top 10 favorite things about him.

9. The overwhelming historical accuracy of Medieval Times- Pretty much everything in the building is made in China (definitely not fulfilling my life quest to try to keep things local!). Also, they do announcements of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in the show, and someone had written that they were there "to get weird" and the actors completely cracked. It was pretty adorable. Also, they take real advantage of puns. Plus, they had to throw someone out (awesome) and the announcer briefly forgot where he was and called for security (rather than the castle guard). Also, laser light shows are probably not that historically accurate. And they probably didn't drink Diet Coke and Pina Coladas. Still, its all of these blips, the total historical incorrectness of the whole thing that makes it so charming. Probably a good activity once every ten years or so, but I would give it a 10, for sure. 

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