6 Things I Love this Weekend- Missions, Sonoma, Argo, and Danny Elfman

by - Sunday, October 21, 2012

1. California Missions- Ok, they are probably not worth a trip just for them, because mostly they won't let you in. But they are very pretty and it's cool to see some of California's history, even if it seems relatively recent in comparison to a lot of East Coast stuff.
2. Downtown Sonoma-It has a very small town-y feel for anything that close to the Bay Area. It has a nice park too and there were even some leaves falling off the trees. It smelled like fall there. We never get to smell that anymore! So it made me happy, even if we didn't try any of their fancy foodie fare (or wine, actually).
3. Guava Daiquiris- I don't really get drinking as a big pass time, but if we are going out for drinks, get me something that tastes like juice. This pretty much did the trick.
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4. The first 20 minutes of Argo- the beginning of the movie first succinctly frames the history behind the action (stressing America's own guilt in adding to the problems in Iran). Then, the opening filmed scenes probably the most truly frightening film sequence I have ever seen. I was seriously so scared for them, and in light of the events of recent months, just understanding how truly terrifying this can be is amazing. If you think Ben Affleck is overhyped as a director, you only need to see the beginning of this movie, before we even see his character, to see what he can do with his material. The way it is shot is sympathetic to both sides of the conflict, and though the end of the film is much more traditionally America-centric, the opening moments really don't feel narratively myopic in the way thrillers usually are. It feels more like a Docu-drama than anything, fresh and like anything could happen. Scary as hell. This movie absolutely deserves the attention it is getting.

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5. Farshad Farahat and Sheila Vand in Argo- Ok, so the other side of the coin in Affleck's film is that few Iranian characters get well-rounded characterizations, but the Iranian actors who were cast, especially Farshad Farahat (as the main guard at the last checkpoint) and Sheila Vand (the Canadian housekeeper Sahar, and one of the true wildcards of the film) do a lot more with their parts than you often see in films like these. Though Farahat mostly performs in Farsi without subtitles (and he doesn't get an actual name), he manages to make his character both truly scary and strangely likable with only his expression and line delivery. I know the main players have gotten the majority of the attention so far for this movie, but I would put his performance at the top for doing so much with so little. Plus, now that I look him up on the internet for a pictures, he is super super attractive, so good for him on that ( I love a man with dark hair and thick eyebrows). Sheila Vand is incredibly subtle in her performance, but it is that subtlety that adds to the suspense and eventually makes her big moment so quietly powerful.
6. The Soundtrack to Beetlejuice- man, the opening to Beetlejuice has to be one of the best overtures (can you use that term for a movie?) in movie history. Woke up and watched Nightmare Before Christmas this morning and watching Beetlejuice now. It's been a very Tim Burton-y day.

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