3 Things I Loved Yesterday- Greeting Cards from Celebrities, Writing Tutors, and the Flipping Out Wedding

by - Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1. Cards from Celebrities- Today, we got a Halloween card from Mitt Romney and President Obama. As the Boy noted, they both have exactly the same handwriting as my Grammy. And pretty much all of the celebrities we get cards from. She is the best and it made my day.

from pinterest.com

2.  Writing Tutors- (I put up Bob, because in my heart he is the patron saint of all collaborative learning)- I went and saw the same writing tutor for the second time yesterday, and he finally helped me clear my mind and (hopefully) get on the right path for my paper. Writing tutors are the best, and my life is so much happier when I am having conversations with people about writing.

from Bravotv.com
3. Jenni Pulos's wedding-Man, that stuff was touching. It's nice to see people who have been through stuff get to come back around to happy.

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