3 Things I Loved Yesterday- Annotated Bibliographies, Parks and Rec, and Evil Dancing Tyrants

by - Friday, October 26, 2012

1. Annotated Bibliographies-I have been waiting for the bad news on my proposal paragraphs again (blerg) so to fill the time I am trying to fill out a really extensive bibliography as a starting point for my research for when this thing is finally approved. Trying to remind myself of the things I am excited about in this project so if there are still some negative turns ahead I can bounce back quickly.

from Huffington post
2. The End of Parks and Rec this week-  So sweet and exciting! I weirdly think the best part was when he just walked through the door.

from www.dancecentral.com/
3.Dance Central 3's Time Travel Plotline and super crazy finale- I don't know who came up with the storyline for this game, but it is truly ridiculous in the best way. So fun and weird and absolutely nonsensical. Plus, now it can be in fitness mode all the time, so you can feel good about yourself exercising.

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