3 Things I Love Today- Dance Central 3, Top Chef Marathons, Kirsten Dunsty Fashion

by - Thursday, October 18, 2012

1. Dance Central 3- Specifically, that dance central felt the need to incorporate a storyline about secret agents and time travel. Perfectly bizarre for a game where you synchronize dance in your living room. Please, let the neighbors never see us, but it is fun to switch it up from Zumba, and keep us motivated to be healthy even now that we don't have a clear vanity goal ahead of us.
2. Top Chef Marathons- ah, the simple pleasures of waking up, trying a new recipe in the slow cooker, and watching half a season of Top Chef while doing work. Bravo gets extra credit when it is a good old season like today, not a master or all stars or desserts. Because those really old seasons of Top Chef may be tied with old Project Runway as my favorite tv competition shows ever. A weird pleasure, but certainly one I appreciate.

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 3. Kirsten Dunst Fashion- she came up on Pinterest today, and I have to say she has some pretty cute, very early 70's style. Kudos to her! Way to not be naked in a stylish way!

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