3 Things I Love Today-Wheel of Fortune, Network, and Waffles for Dinner

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1. The Boy's new obsession with Wheel of Fortune- He won't own it yet, but it is weirdly often on now. Not sure what to do with that fact, except accept that we have officially become very old and boring. Also, we are pretty good at word games and fashion policing people who choose to be on game shows. Also, how much he enjoys when I get mad about things.
2. Network- Technically watched this a few days ago, but how did I never know about William Holden before? And why is very old WIlliam Holden so much hotter than young William Holden? This world is filled with mysteries that have nothing to do with the biting satire of the film. Also, the film is smart and weirdly funny and frustrating in a way that is so familiar now. And Beverly Straight kills it in her tiny part. So good.
3. Breakfast for Dinner- Truly one of the greatest pleasures of life. Not sure why it is just so amazing, but it really is the bomb to have waffles for dinner. Never gets old.

Alright, fingers crossed for our travel starting tomorrow night. Will try to check in from the road!

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