3 Things I Love Today- Vimeo, Suprise Lunch, Creepy Grad Student Passtimes

by - Thursday, October 25, 2012

1. Vimeo- ugh, I can get lost on Vimeo for hours. It has way better a-g film content than anything else, and its always a weird pleasure to see what you run into. 
2. Surprise Lunch with the Boy- I had a doctor's appointment this morning about the fainting (and Shaylyn basically called that one), and then I was going to surprise him and bring him lunch (specifically, Hobee's coffee cake). But then I realized that could end up being awkward for him in a whole number of ways, so instead I just called and asked him on a lunch date. It was fun and weird to see him in the middle of the day on a weekday. Just a little thing, but it was awesome.
3. Writing Fake Syllabi-So now, when I am just sitting around on my computer I have been building syllabi and reading lists for dream art history classes I might someday teach. I think this might be the perfect way to spend clearing my head time, because it reminds me of the end goal, which I think I will actually enjoy, rather than focusing on the chapter I am in now, which I clearly suck at. But writing syllabi is getting really fun, and I think I have like 5 pretty well worked out now.

Bonus- we are now exactly one week out from being back home! Counting down the days for sure, because I miss everyone like crazy!

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