3 Things I Love Today- Super Duper, Accurate Caltrain Schedules, Ice-T and Coco, and the Heart of the Ocean

by - Sunday, October 28, 2012

1. Super Duper's French Fries- Their Burgers also got a pretty good review from the Boy, but the fries were delicious and way better than In n' Out's which I frankly think are way overrated. Super Duper also has lots of those trademark San Francisco things- everything is a little bit hipster irony, compostable, and somehow cooler than you will ever be (while still being called Super Duper- hence, the hipster irony). I would love to give you my thoughts on their milkshakes, but I am trying to be good.
2. A Dream world where you can easily identify the most recent/reliable Caltrain schedule- they have almost ruined more plans than I can count. You would think we would learn, especially since the Boy really can't handle plans falling through, yet 4 years in to living here, we can still somehow download a caltrain App with an old schedule. Also, everytime they give me my change all in dollar coins, I remember just why I hate them.

from exposay.com

3. Ice-T and Coco- seriously they are the cutest married couple in the world. E is showing rerns of their show late at night for the new season, and that man loves his wife (we watched their anniversary episode). Plus, I genuinely think they are both completely confident in who they are and letting the other person be who they are. I am thinking especially of a sequence where she learned to surf and he sat on the beach with no interest in doing it himself, but totally cheering her on. When he says he believes his wife can do anything, you believe them. They are the only couple where my love has circled past ironic numerous times, yet i still also just sincerely like them. Kudos to E for giving them their own show.

from www.asontvinfomercials.com/deepromancependant.html

Bonus: The deep romance necklace and its bonus replicas of memorabilia. According to the ad, it is made of real Silver tone and will be an heirloom in my family for many generations. If you have ever wanted to be the poorest man's Billy Zane, feel free to give me this.

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