3 Things I Love Today- Revolution for Big Bird, Dis Proposal Draft is in, and Liam Neeson as Theresa Giudice

by - Wednesday, October 03, 2012

1. That of everything people found contentious in the debate, the Big Bird comment really is what set people off- This may seem like a joke, but in a lot of ways it is absolutely not. I am excited to see the kind of cultural return to that, just because I find them funny, but more importantly, it is refreshing to see people stand up for culture as valuable and important. Something to be supported from capitalist commodification. Can you imagine if dear Mitt decided that museums weren't important? You might say they could be run by private enterprise, but if culture is only run by what corporations find profitable, we are going to have museums filled with Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo icons. Or public discourse like Fox News and MSNBC. I am only half kidding here.

By privatizing American culture, it will only lead to the disenfranchisement of public discourse and cultural production. This is truly disgusting. Government support has been a contentious issue since Robert Mapplethorpe and the NEA 4, but artistic labor IS necessary American labor, from Big Bird to National Museums. It is one of the VERY few arenas where America consistently contributes to the world at large. It is an area where we continue to be excellent.

On that note, I will leave you with this quote-

"Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive" - Neil deGrasse Tyson on Mitt Romney pretending to understand basic mathematics

2. The proposal is back to the adviser! I am mostly dreading her feedback. I am very worried it will sink and burn and all other unpleasant things again, but what can you do? It's handed over now, so all I can do is let it go and get going on figuring out my fellowships. Please God, let me stop failing as a graduate student.
 3. Ethan Hawke and Liam Neeson re-enacting Theresa and Caroline on Watch What Happens Live- whenever Andy Cohen gets really famous people in there, super weird things happen. The whole time I was literally gasping at the pure bizarre hilariousness. Just too funny. Check it on the website. I realize Bravo is weirdly taking up a lot of my consciousness lately, but it just lets you know when I actually have time to watch television (around 11 when I am usually also writing this blog).

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