3 Things I Love Today- Pastor Melissa and a Llama, Halloween Wars, and Parker Silas Bickel!

by - Sunday, October 07, 2012

1. Melissa and Sienna the Llama- It was St Francis (?) day in the Episcopal Church, so everyone brings in their pets to be blessed. At my beloved Dale's church in Erie, PA someone even brought in a llama! The adorableness of this picture was probably the best part of my day.

From http://foodnetworkhumor.com/2011/10/fnh-recap-halloween-wars-week-3/
2.Halloween Wars- This is my favorite thing from Ray Villafane from last year's (he didn't win, but his pumpkin carving is pretty mind blowing). This season looks really interesting and beautiful too, though I do have to worry about the excess of food that is being wasted in the process.

3.Parker Silas- Ok, his birthday was yesterday, but I didn't see any public pronouncements by Bickel or Staudt family members, so I didn't want to prematurely spill the beans! After 16 badass hours of labor, Jenny had her baby boy! So far, she tells me she is super tired and sore. That seems appropriate. It is hard to believe that this person came out of her. That's the weirdest thing about so many of my friends spawning. The pure strangeness of it really doesn't wear off. Can't wait to meet him when we go home!

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