3 Things I Love Today- Lord of the Rings Marathons, David Joselit's Feedback, and Isabelle Adjani

by - Monday, October 15, 2012

from trailers.apple.com

1. Lord of the Rings Movie Marathons- Watching these again, I am impressed with the beginnings. These movies really know how to get things going. I also love watching the extended versions to see all of the detail. They take themselves so seriously and not seriously at all. These movies are such comfort viewing, and having a whole day of watching them (because the Boy had a sick day) has been really fun and lovely. It's the simple pleasures in life sometimes, even when you know they are going to keep you up way late because we still have a sixth of the way to go. As the Boy says, there should be more epic fantasy film series.
2. David Joselit's book Feedback- I am getting a lot more out of it in the second reading. Going to start scheduling my time so I do an hour of heavy reading a day, because I think it will help me stay inspired.
from www.imdb.com/name/nm0000254/

3. This photograph of Isabelle Adjani- just a really lovely image. She is very beautiful to begin with, but something about the messy hair and the lightness of the clothes and background really works. Really well lit without feeling overwrought. I want to be able to take portraits of people like this.

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