3 Things I Love Today- Jupiter, Kindness, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

by - Saturday, October 20, 2012

1. Jupiter in Berkeley- This is really the only place I have been to in Berkeley, but it has a very cool ambiance since it is mostly outside and they have live music. The pizza is pretty good, though not the best I have had in the Bay Area. They also brew their own beer, which people are excited about, but I could care less. The best part is really just sitting outside with the lights and music and busy-ness.

2. Kindness- every  day I spend at Stanford I become a little more convinced of the importance of kindness in the universe. You can put a bunch of very very smart people in a room together, but if they do not know how to be kind, or even to listen each other, the culture will continually be impoverished and desperate. It is the only place in my life where I have seen kindness not have a ripple effect, but that makes it even more worth doing, right? And the people who are kind, and who manage that kindness on the longterm, really blow my mind. They definitely make a difference. This is my goal- if I can be an academic who is genuinely kind, that will make all the difference.
3. Chocolate chip cookie dough- Man, that stuff is good. Why can't chocolate chip cookies be good for you? Somebody give me a harsh reality check before I blow all the healthy habits I am trying to build up.

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