3 Things I Love Today- Jackie Speier, Holiday Presents, and Picture Walls

by - Thursday, October 18, 2012

1. Jackie Speier's speech is response to Joe Walsh's claim that there is no need for abortions to save the life of the mother- Smart, harsh, vulnerable, and honest, the off the cuff speech was really brilliant. I cannot articulate in an intelligent or fair way how angry Joe Walsh and Todd Akin's comments have made me. I can respect pro-life sentiments from women (who can choose to not have an abortion themselves) but I absolutely cannot fathom two men saying that the doctor should let a woman die (and come on now, that baby would go with her) before giving her an abortion. Or the DISGUSTING comments about how a woman can't get pregnant from a rape. This comments break my heart, and I want to be clear that to me they have NOTHING to do with Christianity. This hateful desire for power and control over someone else's body has nothing to do with my faith. Stepping on the poor, the sick, and the raped to push your own agenda has nothing to do with my faith. Trying to punish someone for their lifestyle because it makes you feel better about your own life has nothing to do with my faith. There is no logic in the world that justifies the nastiest parts of this agenda, and it is NOT CHRISTIAN. I mean that with my whole heart. Ok, rant over.

2. The Decorations Aunt Becky got us as a wedding gift- I love LOVE all holiday decorations, so this was really a treat! I especially like this mat, but it is weird because I am pretty sure "The Alfeos" are the Boy's parents. This must be why I need to graduate out of calling them Mr. and Mrs. Anyway! It was such a thoughtful gift, and I can't wait to put some fall decorations in our house (especially since it is still not very fall-like here!).

3. Our new hung up pictures- we actually ran out of hangers before everything went up, which I think is pretty awesome. So excited to get everything up, and I cannot wait to have a house full of pictures. Even if I can't stand being in California as a whole, I do like our little nest. If we could pick it up and move it to Pennsylvania, even better!

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