3 Things I Love Today- Grammy Binmore, our new microwave, and my Sister-in-laws

by - Thursday, October 11, 2012


1. Grammy Binmore's birthday- When I was a baby, my mom would visit my Grammy Binmore every day, so I know I spent some time with her, but I don't really remember her. What I have heard is that my Grammy gets more and more like her every day, which pretty much means she is the best, strangest, and most generous person who ever lived. She stood exactly the way my Grammy stands now. Looking at pictures of her, she just looks like magic, because she is my Grammy, but she isn't! They have the same kind of goobery smile, that comes with a sound you hear in your head if you know it. She made weird unidentifiable Christmas ornaments and smoked. My Aunt Joanna said we should all do something nice for someone in her honor.
2. Our New Microwave- I think we are less excited for the microwave and more excited for the extra block of counterspace. Sometimes it is the little pleasures, where I am no longer blocking all of the cooking supplies and refrigerator every time I am sous chef and cut stuff. This is probably the end of our apartment upgrade for a while, but the longer we can live here, i think the simpler life could be. If I had my way, we would just go from here to a house somewhere that is nowhere near here and is hopefully somewhere in Pittsburgh. This is the dream.

3. My sister-in-laws- Even from a distance, they both crack me up. I like that we all seem to at least mostly genuinely like each other. That seems like a big win when I look at how other people relate to their in-laws.

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