3 Things I Love Today- Cutesy Pixar couples, My Apple Pie (again), and Tweens at Pitch Perfect

by - Saturday, October 06, 2012

from io9.com/5958972/

1. This- it's cuteness made my day. Please tell me it is one of many. I kind of resent the movie, but this is really sweet.
2. My Apple Pie- Yep, I still love it that much.
from www.pitchperfectmovie.com/site.php
3. Pitch Perfect- Also, the little tween (The Boy says older) girls who were sitting in front of us at Pitch Perfect. I am not being cynical. They were genuinely adorable and really excited about everything. One was really proud of herself for having seen the Breakfast Club that she just had to tell her friends and the whole audience laughed. I imagine it is the same kind of excitement my husband felt when he saw Bring It On for the first time. Also, the male lead part, which is usually such a throwaway was really charming and well-performed by Skylar Astin. That boy can sing!

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