3 Things I Love Today- Carrie Fisher in the Empire Strikes Back, Cake before the Breakdown,

by - Monday, October 08, 2012

from imgur.com/a/HGtG0

1. Carrie Fisher in the Empire Strikes Back- Ok, I think I have mentioned before that I think Carrie Fisher is the freaking bomb (because she really is). In the Empire Strikes Back, perhaps aided by the fact that George Lucas wasn't directing, she gives one of the only really good performances in the whole Star Wars superfranchise. They don't give her a ton to do (but at least she stays mostly dressed), but she does it really well. Also, she is a badass in everything and a damn good writer.
2. Chocolate Cake- I may have gotten an email from my adviser that we need to meet tomorrow. Considering I generally can't get her to talk to me, I am going to assume this isn't just to tell me how swell I am doing. So, naturally, I am super nervous. Luckily, the Boy loves me and will take me on cake runs when I am having yet another graduate school nervous breakdown. I know from the outside these seem to happen weekly, but if I could get on top of them, trust me, I would. At least I have pretty much reached a point where the worst case scenario is that the whole thing takes me longer. Not ideal, but not the end of the world. And I know I'm not quitting until I get that degree, so I need to just eat cake.
3. Preparing to be a grad mentor for an undergrad this year- I am pumped about this part of the year, when not that much else is doing it for me. This should be great. I love helping other people with their writing!

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