Top 5 TV Shows I'm Definitely Not Looking Forward To

by - Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1. The X Factor- I am so sick of singing shows and celebrity judges and all of that nonsense. And I actually think last year this was the show that broke the camel's back. No amount of teen queen is going to win me over to this, or the one with the chairs, or the one that used to have J Lo. Please someone start the new trend, because this one is tired.
2. The New Normal- People keep talking about this one, because it is the next brain child of Ryan Murphy, but I am not sure there could be a bigger turnoff for me. Because I am pretty sure Murphy's creative MO is starting with a cool conceit loaded with some sort of potential, and then making it increasingly bizarre/stupid/sincere and ugly at the same time. I really did like Glee in like the second half of the first season. That Madonna Episode is damn good. But at some point, some big chunk of somebodies at Glee ran out of good ideas and humor. Also, is a coming out story really the only way to give a high schooler pathos? And I am happy there are some good gay story lines out there, but if you are still making your curvy girl sing songs about eating tater tots, I am pretty sure we aren't talking about acceptance. It's bizarre, because it wants to be making fun of High School Musical style moral patronizing, but it just espouses a different set of rules. That isn't satire, that isn't clever, and I don't see his new show as being any different. I think that actually American Horror Story is the perfect creative vehicle for Murphy, because he can just switch set ups as he goes.
3. Revolution- I am sorry, but I have not forgiven any of the guys from Lost yet. They are freaking assholes that wasted way too much of my life. I am not watching another show, because now I know they never know what the hell they are doing. Plus their "tough girls" are always kind of wusses who need men's help. Plus, I hate them. I will never watch this show.
4. SNL- I have already written at length about how much I hate SNL now. Especially Seth Myer's SNL. I'll pass, thanks.
5.  Whitney- You know those girls who say they hate all other girls because they are actually the only cool girl and all other girls are stupid? Worst group ever. And this show is not funny.

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