Gussing up for Fall with Etsy and Pinterest

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012


Even though fall is my favorite season, this is the time of year where I really start getting homesick for Pennsylvania.By the end of September, beginning of October, Franklin turns colors, and it is so beautiful. In California, nothing changes (it is horrible all year long ;o). So I have been etsying and pinteresting ideas of how to bring fall into our sad, Season-less world. 

Awesome idea from pinterest to cover fallen leaves with  wax. This arrangement is pretty...
But this one is gorgeous. This would also be a cool thing to do with the leaves my Grammy sometimes sends me from the lake.  Very cozy and warm, and it might be a nice detail if you wouldn't see the leaves changed otherwise.

I like the lanterns with the pumpkings in it- thisis whole schpiel looks like only a middle aged woman would make it based on something she saw in Pottery Barn. But there are still some udable good ideas there.

These glasses are from Connie's Creations on Etsy ( I think they are so sweet and I love the rendering of the leaves.

I love this mobile more than anything else on Etsy. It simultaneously captures the color and movement of falling leaves. It just looks like fall. I am seriously considering getting one.  You can find them here:

I love that this watercolor (from ) doesn't shy away from really bright color. People over-associate brown and gold with the fall, but the most beautiful part is when a whole gamut of color is on display.

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