Fall Clothes Inspiration

by - Friday, September 28, 2012

Ok, I am trying to sort of round up clothes ideas through the beauty of pinterest. I am not above loving clothes- I love color and pattern, so pretty much everything I like is usually multi-color and covered in polka dots. I am trying to thoughtfully transition that into something I can use long term. I am not sure how you do this, and spending a ton of money on clothes has never been my thing. So when I do buy something, I usually love it. Which means it is covered in polka dots and bright red.

So I am trying to use pinterest to learn about balance and the beauty of neutrals or whatever. I will never go as beige as a lot of these girls, but it is kind of fun to see what I have accumulated this month, so I thought I'd share.

 I guess there is some hair stuff in here too. And a couple of movie stills. Whatev, I am not a fashion expert yet.

 Ok, so I haven't given up my serious love of polka-dots, but these two dresses look like things you can wear for a long time (or at least on the left that supermodel could wear for a long time!)

 LOVE the 40's makeup on the left and the necklaces on the right. Not sure they would go together, but I like the idea anyway.

 So, the two things I am noticing by looking at stuff is an awareness of your own form really helps (of course, a lot of these people are just too skinny for me), and that if you keep things mostly neutral, than your color really pops. Anyway, this all feels a bit like make-up, where it only comes in useful in a blue moon, but I don't think there is anything wrong with doing whatever it is that makes you feel pretty or feel a little bit of joy in how you were made. 

 I think both of these are gorgeous, and I am pretty obsessed with how the girl on the left is working that colorful outfit and short hair. The woman on the right has a bit of a 1940's Katherine Hepburn thing going on, but you have to be totally curve-less to wear something like that.

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