6 Things I Love Today (and Yesterday)- Jordan, Schmidt, Naps, Hormones, Book Doors,

by - Thursday, September 27, 2012

1.This- transcending failures and keeping on.

2. Schmidt- The New Girl really benefits from a great ensemble, and Schmidt is a definite highlight. That guy definitely earned his out of nowhere Emmy nod. Loved his relaunch, and his danger theme. They are doing a nice job balancing the extreme ridiculousness of his character with a soft and gooey center.
3. Long Naps- I could not sleep last night, but we got an hour nap tonight that was like the best thing that ever happened in my life.
4. Hormones- Sometimes, I kind of think it is awesome when my filter goes away. I think "damn, why did I say that" and then I think "because it was f-ing honest and it needed to be said." If I could treat the people at school like I did today all the time, people would probably wonder if I had gone crazy and become a bitch, but at least I would be treating myself with a lot more respect.
 5. This bookstore doorway- I think we need to do this in our apartment. It would (temporarily) solve the book storage problem we are constantly facing.
 6. Chris Cosentino's makeover- I was going to just talk about how much I really love the newly minted Top Chef Master. I thought he just felt super smart and committed all season, and I seriously loved the way he treated his culinary students with kindness and COLLABORATION a couple episodes back. Someone who can be that successful and still have the humility to really listen seems very rare and refreshing. I am glad he won. Then, I looked for a picture of him for the blog, and got a good look at his old frosted tip punk phase. Thank goodness for the sort of ironic hipster 50's clean cut retro thing that is in now, because he looks much better now. Thank you mainstream subculture for shifting to something where men can look handsome and not like an accountant at once. And men with dark hair- just don't get frosted tips. They will be orange and embarrassing.

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