7 Things I Love Today (and Yesterday)- St Louis Edition

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oops! The general chaoticness of life and the stress about my presentation today kept me from blogging, but I'm back! So let's do this:

1. Washington University Campus- Big, very 1920's Tudor, and people are super friendly. Thumbs up all around.
2. Being in Tennessee now! For the rest of my life, I should put family visits at the finish line for academic talks. Way better than anything else I've tried.
3. Eating with the Boy around- it turns out, that without him I can't eat a healthy meal to save my life. Or at the very least, married life diet has run its course, and now it is truly time to reinstate regret diet (with lots of Zumba).
4. Delmar Loop- the other great part of Washington Campus is the downtown area nearby, which is adorable and quirky. Also, it features this theater, which you can tell is awesome. Super cute. I didn't get to see much of St. Louis, but the parts I saw I really liked. But I kind of love the Midwest in general. I am sure this breaks some snooty academic liberal law, but the people are so friendly!

5. Getting Paper feedback from my Dad and the Boy- 2 very different experiences, but they are both important in their own way. I am pretty sure they would have already kicked me out of grad school without my dad's help.
6.  Hot Air Balloon Festivals from airplanes- I am not sure if you can see them in this picture, but it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!
from izismile.com
7. Ostentation- This. Also, apparently anyone who is considered a repetitor in ballet contexts. If you haven't read anything about Gaga's newest spectacle, you are missing something truly and commitedly stupid.

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