5 Things I Love this Weekend

by - Monday, September 03, 2012

1. That every time we go to Madonna Inn, the more it feels like an overpriced old people's home- Is it possible to say that in a good way? Because that is how I mean it. The hotel is truly bizarre, but after the original shock wears off, you have to start to notice that the average age of the patron has to be 60. I love it.
from www.last.fm/music/Pussy+Riot
2. The religious discourse around Pussy Riot- I have like 3 different half blogs written on the performers, their conviction, and the artistic responses to them, but I haven't gotten to finishing any of them off. I am totally transfixed by the numerous public discourses that have risen up around the Russian (and one Canadian) performers imprisonment, from Madonna writing on her back for a striptease, to public demonstrations in Balaclavas, to the fine art exhibition that was just announced this week. Still, the thing that I find most interesting is how religion has actively taken a more complex and interesting role in Pussy Riot's performance (which obviously took place in a church and was called a "punk prayer") and their responses (such as Madonna saying she would pray for their freedom).  There is something here that is entirely powerfully about this ambivalent usage which could be seen as ironic (or hateful, as their acusers claim) and entirely sincere about their use of religious language, and I think these strange connotations are reverberating. I swear, I will eventually write a real post about this, but it is an issue that is constantly lingering on my mind right now.

from www.tvguide.com/tvshows/gold-rush/308214
3. Gold Rush Season 3- we watched the whole 1st season in one weekend when the Boy's family came to visit. It is so addictive, and totally depressing at the same time. These guys have no idea what they are doing, but they always have hunches, which is adorable. I am pretty sure next year Discovery will have them out mining the moon.

4. The Shell Shop in Morro Bay, CA- this store is totally bizarre (and is there an ethics to shells? I am sure there must be but I certainly have no idea what it is). The stuff they sell is either straight shells, as you are used to seeing them, or shells as chandeliers, Christmas ornaments, boxes, lights (like my Great Grandma used to have), turtles, clowns, flowers, mirrors, and weirdly a giant lobster. If you are doing the drive down highway 1, Morro Bay would be a great spot to stop and eat. If you are in Morro Bay, for real you HAVE to check this store.

5. Scallop Sliders- from the Ragged Point Inn on Highway 1- Whoever thought of this is a genius! super delicious, but way too big for one person to eat!

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