3 Things I Love Yesterday- Gogol Bordello, Tater Tots, and Making Progress

by - Sunday, September 09, 2012

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1. Eugene Hutz- I watched Everything is Illuminated again yesterday, and his performance is just beautiful. The movie has some direction issues, but his performance is funny and sad and has so much depth. He really is great. Then, that clever Netflix recommended a documentary about his gypsey punk band Gogol Bordello, and it made me love him more. That man is a spectacular force of nature. He has a very fresh perspective and relentless energy and thoughtfulness. That was what I was most struck by, his loving nature toward many of the people around him and his belief that as long as he could make things out of nothing, he was successful. Plus, he has very cool style. I am sure everyone has heard "Start Wearing Purple" but check out some of the band's other music, and watch Everything is Illuminated.

2. Tater tots- we got them as part of our wedding diet detox (oh yeah, just going crazy over here!) and they are pretty awesome.
 3.Making Progress- I finally made some leeway on the paper I need to get done because I present it now in less than a week! Nothing like diving back into grad school.

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