3 Things I Love Today

by - Wednesday, September 05, 2012

1. Youarenotaphotographer.com- LOVE this. The Boy sent it to me, and I could read this blog as a lifestyle.
from dangerousminds.net/tag/John-Cage

2. John Cage's 100th Birthday is Today! Let's all celebrate our 4 minutes and 13 seconds of silence in his honor. Here is a fabulous quote from one of the most influential artist of all time:

"Then you have the proscenium stage and the audience arranged in such a way that they all look in the same direction- even though those on the extreme right and left are said to be in 'bad seats' and those in the center are in 'good seats'= the assumption is that people will see it if they all look in one direction. But our experience nowadays is not so focused at one point. We live in, and are more and more aware of living in, the space around us. Current developments in theatre are changing architecture from the Renaissance notion to something else which relates to our lives. That was the case with the theatre in the round. But that never seemed to me any real change from the proscenium, because it again focused peoples attention and the only thing that changed was that some people were seeing one side of the thing and the other people the other side. It could of course produce more interesting conversation afterward or during intermission, because people didn't see the same side"


"But in my most recent work I'm concerned rather with what i call process- setting a process going which has no necessary beginning, no middle, no end, and no sections."

3.My new haircut! I feel free. Life is much lighter now.

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