3 Things I Love Today- Talking Shit on Baby Boomers, Changing Leaves, and Babies being People

by - Wednesday, September 12, 2012

from www.esquire.com/
1. This article- http://www.esquire.com/features/young-people-in-the-recession-0412

Sometimes I am amazed by my peers lack of frustration in the direction of baby boomers, who really are the freaking worst. This article is a good break down of why we all really shouldn't want to do things the way the generation before us did.

from etsy.com
2. This mobile- I have started trying to think of cool ways to bring the fall to our super-seasonless California home, and this mobile is really amazing. Definitely captures that feeling I miss so much this time of year.

3. That phase where babies stop looking like a baby and start looking like themselves. Or at least starting to resemble what they will look like. I feel like I just saw Liam, but this picture makes him look so much like a Ritchey, which makes me think he is really starting to look like himself! I just love that phase! Also, this picture is ridiculously sweet! Can't wait to see him, his mommy, and his Mimi!

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