3 Things I Love Today- Schiele's Butts, Gallery Walls, and the Great Food Truck Race

by - Thursday, September 20, 2012

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1. Schiele's male bodies- I was looking through a polaroids book I received as a gift a while ago, and I kind of anticipated that I would love it and reflect on Rodchenko, which I also loved, but then neither of those things happened. The book of polaroids was interesting in a sad nostalgic way, but it also featured a whole lot of boobs, sort of splayed out, while respectfully concealing all male bodies. In other words, whoever made the book was pining for more than just a technological past, and it felt icky. The book was also not as clever as it thought it was, so phooey on it.

This made me think about artists who have beautifully (but not necessarily sexually) displayed the male body as well, because I don't fault people for loving boobs, I guess its just how it goes, but it isn't the only perspective on the female body, and it still leaves out tons of other bodies! Anyway, Schiele safely resides on his perch of my favorite artist of all time. Number one, never to be dethroned, and sketches like this are why. Beautiful and masculine and sad. Plus, that butt is as cute as any set of boobs that polaroid book could muster. I will never try to rationalize my love for Schiele- he is just heaven.

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2. Home Galleries- Thank you to Pinterest for opening up this genre to me. I love a big, stuffed full photo wall. I am totally obsessed with their sweetness. My Nana and Poppop have a wall like this in their house, with all 8 of their children's graduation pictures, and I swear that wall sets the precedent to our family culture. I am currently brewing a new set of theories about how photography can be used to nurture and motivate family cultures, and I think display is so important in this. Plus, they are pretty and fun. This makes me think of Rodchenko, not some stinking polaroids!

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3.The Great Food Truck Race- why do food shows never get old? We may have just watched the whole second season over two days, and I don't regret it. Tyler Florence is one of the least annoying hosts on Food Network (I especially appreciate that he is always eating!). The teams have to be smart and charismatic and great cooks. It is a great little show and our house highly recommends it.

Bonus! Turkey Tacos with nectarine and corn salsa and avocado. So delicious, plus it feels healthy.

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