3 Things I Love Today- Riding Boots, Anniversaries, and The African Queen,

by - Friday, September 07, 2012

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 1. Riding Boots- They look cute with everything, and if you get faux leather ones, they aren't even as horrifically expensive. I can remember when I was in Vienna, one of my girlfriends had them and I thought they were amazing. Like, just the coolest (I was 20, give me a break). I still kind of think they are the coolest, and I am glad they are popular now so you can find decent fake ones.

2. The 3rd anniversary of moving in together! It's hard to believe we have lived in our cozy little corner for 3 whole years. It's funny because we keep talking about moving, but we never do it, and I think it's partially because deep down, we love this place. Plus, may I recommend (be prepared to clutch your pearls) that you try living with the person you might want to be with forever before you make any huge commitments. Living together and dating are night and day, but if you can make living together fun too, then you have something special there. Plus, everyone should have a short chapter in their life where they live on an air mattress and eat cereal out of paper cups. I loved it. The Boy? Not so much.
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3. The African Queen- I am pretty sure this is my Mom's favorite movie, and with good reason! Every time I see a movie with Katherine Hepburn, I only become more convinced that she is the best, most badass actress ever. This movie totally redeemed Humphrey Bogart for me, but I LOVE that in every Katherine Hepburn movie, she knows more than everybody else. Because she HAS to. Because she is heaven. This woman is not over-hyped.

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