3 Things I Love Today- Radical Listening, Tacos, Building the Family Archive

by - Thursday, September 20, 2012

1.  Ted Koppel's piece tonight on partisan media discourse- Is there such a thing as radical moderacy? I can never pretend I am a moderate, I am pretty damn liberal through and through, but there has to be a way to be more productively communicating with one another. My dad wrote about trying to hear the other person when they explain their opinions, to ask questions rather than to immediately tell them why you think they are wrong. But I think it is also important for people to speak up when radicality misrepresents their beliefs. Most Islamic people do not blow up embassies or Christians picket military funerals etc etc etc, but how do you articulate that in the public sphere in a way which is productive? I think part of this is about citizenship as opposed to consumership- ugly stupid and mean rhetoric can make for highly compelling television or internet material, but it doesn't make for a better world. How can you choose what you consume to better cultivate the world you want to live in? And how can you write/ make/ say/ do to not counter what they say but neutralize it, turn it into something that isn't an affront but an opportunity to learn or do something good? Koppel is correct in noticing that the world of media is changing, as it always has been (seriously, forever, the story of medium and representation goes far beyond the internet or television) but because of the increasing ubiquity, it takes more effort and thought to counter it. I am not sure I am being clear here, but I am trying to figure it out.

 2.  Our Tacos- I love turkey tacos, but ours are amazing. We started off making really bad tacos, chicken with lettuce and cheese and tomato, but now a few years of living in California and I think we have the hang of it. Firstly, you need a great salsa- add grilled corn and nectarine. I feel like the more color is in your salsa, the better the salsa will be. Lots of onion and jalapeno! Second, avocado takes it to another level. I feel like everyone is into avocado now, but it has a good reputation for a reason. Just a tiny bit of cheese and a whole bunch of seasoned turkey (I hear tofu is pretty good too if you are vegan) and you have yourself a pretty good taco. It is also nice because it lasts us days.

3.  Today, we went and got photo albums and found a home for all one thousand (not counting our photographer's pics or the photo booth pics) of our wedding pictures. I couldn't get them in perfectly chronological order, but I think it gives a good feel of the day. I think people had a lot of fun.I love filling photo albums- it is the weirdest pleasure in the world, but it makes me feel like I am building our family history. Doing our wedding albums, that our kids might look at someday, is just really cool.

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  1. I totally agree! We need more open rhetoric when it comes to the issues that most separate us. But we've already talked about this, so I guess you know that. :)